About SuperHERo Tales

There is a dearth of female superheroes in the media. Male superheroes are the ones who get the lead rolls in the movies, when there are female superheroes who have not been given the chance to star in a film of their own. Comics do feature female superheroes, but more often than not, those women are scantily clad with teeny-tiny waists and giant breasts. Have you tried to find toys or other merchandise featuring female superheroes? There isn't a lot to choose from.

In real life, there are many females who do heroic deeds and work in heroic jobs, women who save people or risk themselves every day to help others or to shed light on injustices in the world. In history, there were many female warriors, but they rarely feature in any of the history textbooks.

We need more female superheroes. We need role models for our girls and women who girls and boys can look up to as shining examples of strong and purposeful women. We need more stories about female superheroes, both more being told about existing superheroes and new female superheroes created with stories to be told.

This blog is here as a place to feature female superheroes, both the everyday female heroes that live in the real world with the rest of us and imagined female superheroes written about in books, shown in movies and portrayed in comics and games.

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